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Friday, September 9, 2016

Can someone answer this question? I have never used cricut. Thanks!

can you use them in the cricut? if so how do you download them? on Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Girl Jennie cartier


  1. You can on a Silhouette Cameo Designer Version - don't know if you can on a Cricut.

  2. Yes you can use it on the Cricut . First way is to add in as a print and cut, the second way would be to add it then remove all of the background so you can resize it.

  3. I am very new to cricut explore air but i have done a few on there....... you down load it to your computer the same as always, then when you go into the design space, you hit upload image, and it will bring up a search area for you to search for the image you want to upload, search your computer to upload it, (wherever you saved the file) then it will give you 3 options for editing it to get rid of the background....... i usually take the middle one..... click to get rid of all the excess white space you do not want around the image....... then click insert image.......... i think those are the proper steps....... i hope that helps. Heidi

  4. Has anyone replied to this as I'd like to know to please