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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

're...3rd day of Christmas...

Tammy..I am sorry but my computer is not working right now and I can't access those files. I will post when I can. Mary ellen

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Computer trouble

Hello everybody...I am having computer trouble and so I have limited access. Continue please to enjoy the drawings here. You can use the search bar to look for specific items. Merry Christmas to all. Mary ellen

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween poem I wrote years back and fun to bring out this time of year...A Halloween cat to go along with it!

I REALLY DON'T LIKE HALLOWEEN ALL THAT MUCH By Mary Ellen Smith Just round about midnight on that All Hallows Eve I felt something tugging on my jammie sleeve. I woke up quite slowly, my vision was blurred And that’s when I heard what I heard what I heard. I bolted back under my blankets and sheet. Curled up my legs and drew up my feet. I lay there in darkness my eyes open wide When I felt that same tugging now at my side. I rolled away quickly from that haunting touch Rolling quite frenzied, I rolled way too much. Off of the bed then I fell with a thump Hitting the floor and my head with a bump. Rolled up like a sausage in a pancake vice I tried to stand up not just one time but twice But before I could get my feet firm on the floor I heard the slow groan of an old creaking door. "Cre- creak" said the door as it slowly swung wide I hopped about looking for someplace to hide. "Creeeea-creak" the door said, ever louder it grew As I managed to hide behind drapes that I drew. The light from the window begged me to look Urged like the ending to some scary book. My arms were quite useless there bound to my side So I tilted my head for a view from my hide. The room looked so eerie in the filtered moonlight And I shook from the fear on that Halloween night. The fear of not knowing what might be ahead And that’s when I felt a light touch on my head. I screamed with the scream of a frightened tom cat! I didn’t know screaming could sound quite like that. I screamed such a scream it rang both my ears A blood curdling scream brought on by my fears. And that is precisely when I awoke from my dream. I woke the cat too with my ear splitting scream. He rubbed up against me. “Don’t worry.” He purred. I was the sound that you heard that you heard. Well I don’t have a cat, so that was odd don’t you see? And he sat there his green eyes just glowing at me. His black fur was all fuzzed and standing upright As he arched up his back, in a Halloween sight. I’ll never forget the silhouette of that cat. Or the glint of his teeth as he smiled like that. And I’m not one for whining or pouting and such But I don’t really like Halloween all that much.

Crealientje from Holland sent in this cute card she made. So sweet!