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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I recieved the following pictures and letter from a it!!!

Hello, I am a sixty five years young great grandmother to a sweet five year old clothes horse. I have enjoyed making all of the grandchildren special cards and have for years. But, like I said this little one loves clothes and since her mother is a single parent still in collage money for them is always tight. So since she came into this world I have sewn most of her special clothes She loves everything I make her so much and is always giving me ideas on clothes she may like. For instance come Easter she ask if I could make her an Easter Bunny dress. Not only did she help design what she wanted but came down for a visit and helped cut it out. She now has ask a sewing machine for Christmas so she can make her dolls clothes. During her last visit I showed her some cards I was making for my friends and she said "Granny could you not put one of those on a shirt for me? I said I don't see why not and she said "It will be my card" So we set about designing some tees for her for school. I also made matching shorts. I hope you don't mind but I combined a few designs for her. Printed them on image paper and ironed them on tees for her. I combined fabric for their clothes that matched her shorts and added her name on one. She was so excited helping make her clothes. She wore her set to school and she called and said "Granny everyone want to know where I got these beautiful clothes." I said What did you say? She said she told them her granny made them for her because she loves her, but she helped. Thank you for making me the cool granny, Carol

Kid Car...VAROOM!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

As requested Soccer Boy repost....

The Baseball and the Boy.....I got inspired by this pic of my youngest grandson and wrote this....

Things of childhood begin to change. Toys on shelves are rearranged. A baseball takes the T-Rex spot, One tends to see that quite a lot. Jurassic Park poster, old and torn Cast aside, actors forlorn. Replaced by the Mets and Cubs, Dodgers and other baseball clubs. A ball cap strikes out the Batman mask. Superheroes all have other tasks. The only bat now in this boy’s room Compliments a new costume. The box of dinosaurs on the closet floor Don’t look scary anymore. Fossilized, that primitive roar Isn’t heard here anymore. Yes, the things of childhood come and go As speedily as the pitcher’s throw. Then quickly round the bases run Growing up can be such fun.

From you want pizza...admit it....:)

Cards from Jenny.....these are so cute!