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Friday, January 23, 2015

A letter to digital users

Friends, there has been a huge misunderstanding. I received an email stating that I had reported someone or a group of people for copyright infringement. This is not the case and I want to clear this up with anyone reading this that may have that impression.
 I DID NOT report anyone.  I give my digis away because my when husband died what work we did was together. I can't do that work anymore. The pictures that I give away have been washed in the tears of my grief. This blog has been very personal for me and I know I don't write very much or say very much, but this has been a way for me to work out my sadness at losing my best friend in the world.  Recently I stopped drawing because I just didn't feel the passion to even pick up a pencil. I have been trying to get back to drawing a little something everyday.
The only thing that I ask is that they are not mass produced like printing them out and sold. Anyone can use my images using a handmade process and sell them.Of course there is a need to print out the image to color it and incorporate it into a handmade card.
I hope this clears up what has been said and we are all still friends.
mary ellen


  1. I am so sorry you lost your husband. I love your images especially the coloured ones, thank you for sharing them.

  2. Mary Ellen, Your post touched my heart. I am sorry to hear about your husbands death. My husband of 38 years suffers from MS, so life has been difficult. But I can't imagine life without him. Please know that you are in my prayers.

  3. HUGS and a million thanks for the sweet FREE mages.

  4. I am new to your site but I am amazed at all the work you do with these images and give them away. Thank you so much.

  5. I have been using your digi's for several years now, but just today saw and read the story of how Dearie Dolls got started and this message. I admire you for finding a creative, sharing way to work out your grief.

  6. Here it is a year later since this post was published. I just discovered your site and love your images. I am so sorry for your loss. My husband has just been diagnosed with a fatal disease and right now the only time I feel less tress is in my craft room. Thank you for the free images. They are cute, funny, adorable and fun.

    1. Pat, I am so sorry to hear of your husband's illness. My email is if you ever would like to write. I pray the Lord bless you with His comfort and keep you both in the shadow of his grace.

  7. Mary Ellen, I just found your site and I love your images. Thank you so much for sharing them and I'm so sorry about your husband. You have such a gift and such a kind giving heart to share your art with all of us. It has so much more meaning now that I've gotten to read this post. God Bless You.